Direct Mail Services is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We are excited to announce that Direct Mail Services has been certified by the United States Postal Service to be a Full-Service Certified Mail Service Provider. In order to acquire this certification, our prepared mail was analyzed by the USPS over the past several months to ensure that the mail we prepare meets all full-service requirements. These requirements involve NCOA compliance, barcode uniqueness, and maintaining a 90% threshold stating that 90% of the mail we prepare is sent at full-service standards. The two key features of full-service mailing are:

  • A unique Intelligent Mail Barcode on every mail piece, tray, and container
  • Electronic Documentation (eDoc) of mailing information such as the Postage Statement and Qualification Report

Our official Service-Level offerings include:

  • Print & Mail
  • Presort and Commingle Letter
  • Presort and Comail/Commingle Flat

Preparing mail pieces with a full-service Intelligent Mail Barcode not only ensures successful delivery but it also expedites the mailing through the postal process giving our clients better and faster delivery. Currently, we are the only Full-Service Certified Mail Service Provider in East Tennessee. To find out more about full-service mail or how Direct Mail Services can help you with your business mail, contact us on our website or email us at