Direct Mail is one of the oldest and most effective means of reaching a specific demographic. In many instances, it is a less expensive means of reaching your customer and can be targeted with your message on your time schedule within your budget.

Keep in mind the 40/40/20 Rule: 40% List, 40% Offer, 20% Creative.

  • List – Do all you can to be sure the people who get your mailer are qualified candidates to purchase your product or service. This includes getting the right mailing list and examining and updating addresses to ensure delivery.
  • Offer – What you are selling must be relevant and attractive (irresistible if possible) to the recipient of the mailer. Remember that direct mail advertising is still the only way to pinpoint and individually reach your market.
  • Creative – What you are selling must be presented in an easy to understand, interesting, attractive and compelling manner. Direct Mail Services will review your objectives, can assist in designing your mail piece, examine your mailing list to help maximize your results and assure that it meets USPS requirements. Whatever your objective, don’t forget to ask for action.

Personalization, also known as Variable Messaging or Customization, is a method of printing portions of the direct mail offer in such a way that it is unique to each recipient. By speaking directly to each recipient by name and addressing their specific needs, you can increase the response to your mailer. Make the most of direct mails ability to deliver a mass audience message in a way that feels personal and confidential.

First Class mail is more expensive than standard, but usually has a faster delivery. A presorted first class letter weighing over 2 ounces requires additional postage. Standard mail, if prepared to meet automation specifications, can be mailed for about half the cost of first class. Standard letters can weigh up to 3 oz without increasing postage. While delivery is not as fast as first class, in most cases, depending on destination, it is still efficient.

The USPS has a number of Optional Ancillary Service endorsements that can be used to instruct the Postal service as to the appropriate disposition of your mail. Contact your Customer Service Representative for a more detailed explanation.

Postcards up to 4.25” x 6” with a thickness of .007 require $0.34 stamp with discounts for Presorted First Class available for quantities of 500 or more. There is no Postcard Rate for standard class. A standard mail piece that is larger than 4.25 x 6 is considered a letter.

The Coding Accuracy Support System examines each address in your mailing list for proper formatting to standardize spelling, abbreviations, addresses and adds Zip+4 to improve the accuracy of delivery. At Direct Mail Services all database(s) are CASS certified, and processed through delivery point verification. We NCOA every list, even though it is only required every 95 days. We are able to return undeliverable addresses for your review and/or correction.

Presorting is defined as preparing your mailing so that it is sorted to the lowest level available for the type of mailing whether First Class, Standard or Non-Profit. In automating your mailing, a barcode is applied in the address area to assist in processing at the Post Office. Discounts off regular postage rates are applied to Presorted and Automated mailings. Direct Mail Services uses the latest software technology to maximize any postage discounts for which your mailing may qualify.

Yes. We work with a number of list brokers/compilers and can assist you in researching and acquiring the list that is best suited to reach your target. It is important that you have a clear picture of your client. Your Customer Services Representative can assist you in developing a strategy to identify your best prospects.

This involves research as to the zip code and carrier routes of the area you are trying to target. Give us a call or use the USPS Zip Code look up.